New York Watertown Senior Dating


2013.09.14 00:28 cavedapone 18/M/US

I was born February 5th, 1995 in Utica NewYork. I spent most of my early childhood traveling between there and seeing our relatives in Watertown, NewYork. Around the age of ten my Dad started getting bigger job and not being around as much(maybe a couple days a month). We lived in Hornell, NewYork at this time. A small upstate town where I had my few friends and went to a financially failing catholic grade school.
In 6th grade we moved to Wilmington Delaware where I was essentially the new kid until the end of 8th grade. I made a few friends(some of which are my best friends to date) but overall I was considered weird and awkward and was the victim of a lot of bullying. In 8th grade I began starving myself because I thought I was fat and started listening to more punk and hardcore music.
Fast forward to my all boys catholic high-school I'm awkward as fuck. Unsure of my sexuality, listening to screamo and wearing skinny jeans. That's basically my freshman and sophomore year.
Over the summer after sophomore year I was an LIT at a popular east coast summer camp. it was here that I really came out of my shell. Found myself as well as my greatest friends in the world(I still work there yearly).
Came back junior year much more social. Made a lot more friends outside of my single social circle and started throwing/encouraging some of the first big parties for our class. Over the course of that year and senior year I built myself into a social epicenter. Began boxing and started a band.
Now I've just started college, my current dream is to be a rapper(hopefully) but at the same time I'm following a more realistic path of being an bussiness major. Im traveling, been to a different campus every weekend so far, was at NYU last week and I'm about to get picked up to head off to Penn State.
that was short so I missed a lot of big things but basically I e gone from being suicidal and hating my life to loving every second of it. There's always hope for everyone and anyone.
thank you for reading, you're pretty much the shit.
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2012.12.06 18:08 Train_Wire Harrison outlines plans to revitalize Canadian Pacific

Harrison outlines plans to revitalize Canadian Pacific

NEW YORK – Canadian Pacific President and CEO E. Hunter Harrison outlined the company’s plan to improve service, lower costs, and increase efficiency at a conference with investors in New York. The strategic moves are the latest for the railroad since a new board of directors installed Harrison as its CEO last summer.
Harrison hopes to increase annual revenue growth between four and seven per cent from 2012 levels, and reduce its full-year operating ratio to the mid-60s range by 2016.
“Momentum is building at Canadian Pacific and the organization is driving to a culture of intense focus on operations. Service will be what drives this organization, by providing a premium, reliable product offering through a lower cost operation,” Harrison said. At a the meeting with investors, Harrison highlighted steps already taken by CP:
Harrison outlined various plans to improve service including:
“I am excited about what we’ve achieved to date, but we have only just started this journey to being a more competitive railway. We willcontinue to drive our service offering while focusing on taking unproductive costs out of the business. We see a strong earnings profile and solid free cash flow picture emerging,” Harrison said.

CP seeking operator for west end of Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern

MINNEAPOLIS – Canadian Pacific said today it is seeking interested parties to purchase the west end of the former Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern. CP would divest all the DM&E lines west of the division point of Tracy, Minn., which would include all its trackage in South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming. The railroad said it was “inviting expressions of interest from prospective partners” for the lines.
Included are approximately 660 miles of former Chicago & North Western track that was sold to DM&E in 1986. It includes the lines from Tracy to Rapid City, S.D.; north of Rapid City to Colony, Wyo.; and south of Rapid City to Dakota Jct., Neb. Also included are three South Dakota branch lines: a 27-branch from Redfield to Mansfield, a 15-mile line from Blunt to Onida, and 12-mile line east of Huron toward Watertown, S.D. CP has operated the lines since it assumed operational control of the Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern in 2008. A number of grain, ethanol, clay, and merchandise customers are served by the lines. Also included is the roundhouse/shop facility in Huron, S.D.
“This portion of the CP network would be an attractive and highly viable opportunity for a low-cost operator. There is a strong long-term franchise here for an operator willing to maintain high quality service and explore growth opportunities with existing and future customers,” said E. Hunter Harrison, President and CEO. “CP has successfully built many partnerships with short line and Class 1 railroads throughout its system and we look forward to assessing the ways interested parties could work together with us to deliver quality service to customers on the west end of the DM&E through an innovative partnership.”
CP said will be contacting interested parties seeking expressions of interest this month, and would continue to serve al shipper on the lines while it works with interested parties and evaluates proposals. “We have undertaken similar reviews on other portions on our network in the past that have resulted in positive outcomes for shippers, employees, and operators,’’ Harrison added.
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