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2020.11.28 06:54 SWGalaxysEdge ** Sat 11/28 - Christmas TV show listings - ALL Channels! ** - Part 2 of 2

...continued from part 1
all times Eastern USA - check local listings
The Christmas House Today, 12:00 PM / HALMRK 68 A TV stars parents ask him to bring back a revered family tradition, so he decides to revisit the family magic of Christmases past.
A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love Today, 12:00 PM / HALLMV 84 After 15 years, a man moves home from Hawaii with his two sons and through a series of coincidences and ends up stuck in traffic next to his high school sweetheart at Christmas.
PJ Masks - PJ Masks Save Christmas Today, 12:05 PM / DISNEYJR 179 The PJ Masks work alongside Santa Claus when Romeo decides to ruin Christmas for everybody to being placed in the infamous naught list.
Ricky Zoom - SantaCycle Down; Shining Today, 12:30 PM / NGN-E 125 Ricky and the buddies help Santa Cycle when he crash-lands in Wheelford on Christmas Eve; Scootio's parents are putting on a light display in Wheelford.
Annie Today, 12:30 PM / ENCORFM 378 A spunky girl who lives in an orphanage is chosen to spend the Christmas holidays with a billionaire who grows to love the child, and wants to adopt her, but her true happiness may be jeopardized by the scheming headmistress of her orphanage.
Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey Saves Santa Today, 12:35 PM / DISNEYJR 179 Christmas is in danger of not happening this year when Santa's sleigh breaks down on Christmas Eve and he is unable to deliver all of the presents in his bag, so Mickey and friends come to Santa's aid and help ensure all the gifts are given out.
Living Single - Doctor in the House Today, 12:38 PM / MTV2-E 126 Charles doesn't like the people that he works with because he feels they are snobs, so when he receives an award for his work, he is hesitant to attend the ceremony; Max uses her Christmas money to buy a massage chair but won't let anyone use it.
Rick Steves' European Christmas Today, 1:00 PM / WEDU-DT 3 / PBS / HDTV Travel expert Rick Steves goes on location to experience Christian and pre-Christian holiday traditions and holiday festivities in cities around Europe, including trips to Bath, Paris, Oslo, Salzburg, Tuscany and Burgundy
A Christmas Winter Song Today, 2:00 PM / LIF-E 38 A musical bond forms between a Christmas shop owner and a former jazz singer who has hit rock bottom as the store owner tries to help the artist reconnect with his daughter and grandchildren in time for the towns annual holiday concert.
A Nashville Christmas Carol Today, 2:00 PM / HALMRK 68 A TV producer becomes forced to work with the man who broke her heart on a country music Christmas special, but she gets interrupted by Christmas spirits who are determined to get her to revisit events that occurred in her past.
The Christmas Ring Today, 2:00 PM / HALLMV 84 A reporter searches for the love story behind an antique engagement ring, and with the help of the ring's owner's grandson, they learn the legacy his grandparent's left behind.
T.O.T.S. - Santa Baby; Shear Madness Today, 2:00 PM / DISNEYJR 179 Pip and Freddy attempt to teach the joy of giving during Christmas to a magical baby reindeer; Pip and Freddy frantically try to figure out how to fix the situation when they mistakenly shave all the wool off a baby sheep.
The Night Before Today, 2:30 PM / FXX 82 As they enter adulthood, three childhood friends realize that their annual Christmas Eve reunion is coming to an end, with one becoming a father, so they make it their mission to find one of New York's best Christmas parties, the Nutcracka Ball.
Doc McStuffins - The Doc McStuffins Christmas Special Today, 2:30 PM / DISNEYJR 179 Doc and the toys try to save Christmas by going back in time in the North Pole.
2nd Chance for Christmas Today, 2:45 PM / SHOWMW 252 A popular musician receives a visit from the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future on Christmas Eve, and during the course of the visits, the musician remembers what is truly important in life as she learns to be less self-centered.
The Search for Santa Paws Today, 2:47 PM / HBOF-W 211 After Santa Claus learns that the children of the world have lost their Christmas spirit, his loyal, magical dogs and an elf team up with a fun-loving orphan and his faithful friends to help save Christmas by rescuing Santa, who has lost his memory.
The Christmas Experience Today, 3:00 PM / TRI 131 An important truth that we discover as we experience Christmas is that God always keeps His promises and that we can always trust God's timing, and discover as well what it truly means to experience Christmas.
Muppet Babies - A Very Muppet Babies Christmas; Summer's Super Fabulous Holiday Surprise Today, 3:30 PM / DISNEYJR 179 Kermit is the only one of the babies who is not happy about the secret Santa gift they received when the babies celebrate Christmas in the playroom; Piggy tries to bring Summer's traditions to the playroom when a snowstorm cancels her trip home.
Annie Today, 3:30 PM / WAM-W 389 A spunky girl who lives in an orphanage is chosen to spend the Christmas holidays with a billionaire who grows to love the child, and wants to adopt her, but her true happiness may be jeopardized by the scheming headmistress of her orphanage.
Ask This Old House - Happy Holidays from AskTOH Today, 3:30 PM / WEDU-DT6 618 / CREATE / HDTV Roger discusses an alternative Christmas tree species; Richard explains what can and can't go down a garbage disposal after a big holiday dinner; Heath helps a homeowner stay safe while putting up a variety of Christmas lights.
Every Day Is Christmas Today, 4:00 PM / LIF-E 38 A workaholic who does not give much thought to the holiday season and love chooses to concentrate on her career as a money manager, but she learns to embrace the spirit of Christmas when her past, present and future unite to teach her about love.
Roseanne - White Trash Christmas Today, 4:00 PM / TVLAND 49 Dan and Roseanne snub the neighborhood association with their trashy Christmas decorations and then get mad when Becky gives her check to Mark and begins a waitress job at a trashy bar; Bev and D.J. surprise Darlene with a Christmastime visit.
Christmas in Rome Today, 4:00 PM / HALMRK 68 A tour guide gets fired from her job in Rome just before Christmas, but after she crosses paths with an executive who wants to buy a high-end company, he decides to hire her as his tour guide to show him around the city.
The Christmas Bow Today, 4:00 PM / HALLMV 84 A promising musicians lifelong dream is put on hold by an accident, but she reconnects with an old family friend, and his young cousin, while recovering at home during the Christmas holiday, she finds love in someone who believes in her.
How I Met Your Mother - How Lily Stole Christmas Today, 4:00 PM / WFTS-DT2 629 / LAFF / HDTV A falling-out with Ted prompts Lily to sabotage the gang's efforts to spend a joyous Christmas together, and it is up to Ted to patch things up with her before Marshall gets home and learns what his fiancée has done to spoil the holiday.
Vampirina - Gargoyle Carol; Deliver-eeek! Today, 4:25 PM / DISNEYJR 179 The Christmas Ghost takes Gregoria on a journey through time to instill lessons about the importance of the holiday spirit and human traditions; Vampirina's family is elated to learn that a specialty service offers items from Transylvania.
Office Christmas Party Today, 4:30 PM / FXX 82 In order to impress a potential client and save their jobs after the CEO of the company they work for tries to close their branch, a man, his chief technical officer and their coworkers must come together to host the best office Christmas party.
The Thundermans - Winter Thunderland Today, 4:30 PM / NTOON 144 Max is in a grumpy mood and continues to bring down everyone's spirit on Christmas Eve, until he is paid a visit by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future to help show him what the true meaning of the holiday spirit is about.
Married ... with Children - Christmas Today, 4:30 PM / LOGO 147 Al is at the mall bar spending time with his fellow Santa Claus's when he ends up being consumed with memories about the numerously different ways that he has avoided getting his family members any gifts by causing them to fight.
Teen Titans Go! - Beast Boy on a Shelf Today, 4:45 PM / TOON-E 58 When Beast Boy and Cyborg upgrade the Tower to prevent Santa Claus from spying on them, Saint Nicholas coerces him into being his little insider to determine if the Titans are being naughty or nice if he wants to receive future Christmas presents.
Teen Titans Go! - Christmas Crusaders Today, 5:00 PM / TOON-E 58 After receiving a lump of coal, Santa Clause and his sidekick Dick Grayson embark on an investigation to uncover who sent the present only to fall into a trap set by the Coal Miner, and they must work together to stop his coal-powered machines.
Bake It Like Buddy - Gingerbread Cakes Today, 5:00 PM / D-KIDS 102 As the Christmas season comes, two mother-and-daughter teams, one bakery owners, the other novices, battle against each other to see who can create a gingerbread house impressive enough to wow the judges and take home the prize.
How I Met Your Mother - False Positive Today, 5:00 PM / WFTS-DT2 629 / LAFF / HDTV Marshall and Lily receive some shocking news that will force the gang to reexamine their own lives; Robin gets a new job; Barney discovers the joy of giving on Christmas; Ted starts his duties as Best Man for his old friend Punchy's wedding.
Phineas and Ferb - Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation Today, 5:15 PM / DISNEYXD 122 Phineas and Ferb plan to turn the city of Danville into a flickering thank you card to Santa Claus; Dr. Doofenshmirtz creates a machine that turns people into naughty versions of themselves, prompting some North Pole investigators to check it out.
Cake Boss - Santa, Sunrise, & Snowmen Cupcakes Today, 5:30 PM / D-KIDS 102 On Christmas Eve, the busiest day of the year at Carlo's Bakery, Buddy and his team of bakers must work fast and furiously in order to make sure every customer walks away happy as they receive orders for Christmas cookies, cakes cupcakes and pies.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Deck the Halls Today, 5:30 PM / MTV2-E 126 Will decides to celebrate his first Christmas at the Banks household by decorating the entire place with bright lights and garish holiday adornments, but the family's wealthy neighbors aren't happy about the blemish on their upper-class neighborhood.
Henry Danger - Christmas Danger Today, 5:30 PM / NTOON 144 When Captain Man is taken into police custody for breaking the law and confined to a jail cell on Christmas, Henry and Charlotte must find a way to ensure that the superhero has a festive holiday experience while behind bars.
How I Met Your Mother - Symphony of Illumination Today, 5:30 PM / WFTS-DT2 629 / LAFF / HDTV Robin receives a bit of shocking news and decides to hide it from the gang instead of sharing it with them; Marshall gets in the Christmas spirit by hanging decorations on the house in the suburbs with a little help from his neighbor
Sonic Christmas Blast Today, 5:40 PM / ENCORFM 378 Dr. Robotnik decides to take over for a retiring Santa Claus, but it is up to Sonic to save Christmas when he learns that the robot villain is beginning to steal every gift on the planet instead of spreading the holiday cheer.
Puppy Dog Pals - A Very Pug Christmas; The Latke Kerfuffle Today, 5:45 PM / DISNEYJR 179 When Bob's very special Christmas gift goes missing from Santa Claus' sleigh, Bingo and Rolly join in to help Santa search for the lost present; Bingo and Rolly help Bob cook latkes for his neighbor's traditional Hanukkah party.
Merry Liddle Christmas Today, 6:00 PM / LIF-E 38 A tech entrepreneur is determined to film the perfect Christmas in her new dream home with her family but finds her plans going awry when family drama and conflicting holiday traditions make it difficult for her to bring her family together.
Christmas at the Plaza Today, 6:00 PM / HALMRK 68 With the holiday season approaching, an archival historian in a declining relationship gets hired to create an exhibition to honor the history of an event, and she ends up working with a decorator and soon finds herself falling in love.
Meet Me at Christmas Today, 6:00 PM / HALLMV 84 When her sons wedding planner unexpectedly quits, his mother must coordinate his Christmas Eve wedding with the help of the brides uncle, but as they work alongside each other, they discover that their fates and pasts are intertwined.
Cake Boss - Seasons Greetings and Saintly Surprises Today, 6:00 PM / D-KIDS 102 When the Christmas season arrives, the Valastros resolve to give back; Buddy creates a Christmas tree cake; Lisa and the kids make sure that every child at a party has a special gift; Mary's plans for her husband's 40th birthday threaten to backfire.
Henry Danger - Holiday Punch Today, 6:00 PM / NTOON 144 A new species of moth is eating all the Christmas trees in Swellview, so Captain Man and Kid Danger head over to Neighborville to buy more, but on the way back they are attacked by some shady tree dealers and they must fight to save Christmas.
Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas Today, 6:02 PM / ENCORFM 378 When Dr. Claw makes plans to visit the North Pole in order to overthrow Santa Claus and take over his elves and workshop, Inspector Gadget and his support crew get ready to embark on a mission to stop Dr. Claw and save Christmas.
Last Christmas Today, 6:15 PM / HBO 201 A young woman who appears to have an endless amount of bad luck decides to accept a job working as an elf in a year-round Christmas store, but after a man enters her life and her life starts to change, she wonders if it's all too good to be true.
A Fairly Odd Christmas Today, 6:30 PM / NTOON 144 An ordinary ten-year-old boy with an extraordinary fairy godfamily sets out on a quest to save Christmas after granting too many wishes, but first, he must go on a quest to find an ancient Elf with the power to take his name off the naughty list.
A Golden Christmas 2 Today, 7:00 PM / WAPATV 156 Una mujer se reencuentra con un antiguo novio cuando los perros de su vecino a quienes pasea, se sueltan y arruinan su propuesta de boda; mientras que todo el mundo puede ver que deben estar juntos, deben decidir si reavivarán su relación o no.
Spookley and the Christmas Kittens Today, 7:00 PM / DISNEYJR 179 Spookley the Square Pumpkin and Mistletoe stumble upon three kittens who are searching for a home in the middle of a strong winter storm, but the two friends could be just the help they need if they all agree to work together
How I Met Your Mother - The Final Page, Part 1 Today, 7:00 PM / WFTS-DT2 629 / LAFF / HDTV As the Christmas holiday approaches, Barney tells Ted of his intentions to propose to Patrice, leaving Ted with the dilemma of telling Robin about his plans; Marshall and Lily run into an old acquaintance from their college days
Robbie the Reindeer: Hooves of Fire Today, 8:00 PM / WTSP-DT 10 / CBS Rudolph's out-of-shape son competes against Blitzen for the chance to join Santa's annual Christmas Eve journey
Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding Today, 8:00 PM / LIF-E 38 A couple excitedly prepares for their dream destination Christmas wedding, but when her hectic family gets involved in the planning, her elitist wedding planner quits and leaves the couple to finish organizing their wedding by themselves.
Christmas Cookie Challenge - Homemade Holidays Today, 8:00 PM / FOODTV 56 The five contestants create cookies that look like handcrafted gifts, then the competitors must create complex cookie garlands to string up in front of the fireplace, which include smoky ingredients like paprika, smoked almonds, Gouda and scotch.
Christmas Waltz Today, 8:00 PM / HALMRK 68 After a womans storybook Christmas wedding gets canceled, a dance instructor helps her face her fears in life by fulfill her dream of learning how to dance.
The Christmas Doctor Today, 8:00 PM / HALLMV 84 A doctor must decide between a job far from home, and the revelations of a mysterious man from her past.
Gilmore Girls - Santa's Secret Stuff Today, 8:00 PM / UP 145 When Rory returns from London after Christmas, Lorelai and Christopher celebrate a "Christmas after Christmas" with her; Luke asks a favor of Lorelai after he unexpectedly shows up at the inn; Rory tries to apologize to Lucy through a letter.
Community - Comparative Religion Today, 8:30 PM / IFC 85 Shirley decides to hold a Christmas party for the gang, only to learn that they all come from various religious backgrounds; Jeff is challenged by the school bully and he faces the reality that he might actually fail Spanish 101
In Living Color - Veracosa: Mistress of Destruction Today, 8:30 PM / TVONE 146 Comedy sketches include: "Vera DeMilo: Veracosa, Mistress of Destruction," "Cephus and Reesie: Christmas Album," and "Homey the Clown: Homey Clause."
The Story of Santa Claus Today, 9:00 PM / WTSP-NG1 10 / CBS Saint Nicholas and Gretchen find themselves in a financial bind that ends up getting them evicted from their toy shop, but even that isn't enough to stop Saint Nick from delivering toys to his former orphanage in time for the holidays
Christmas Cookie Challenge - Santa's Sweet Spot Today, 9:00 PM / FOODTV 56 In the decorating round, five cookie makers must make one super-sized decorated cookie for Santa Claus, plus some tiny decorated cookies for his elves; for the display round, the remaining cookie makers must bring a winter wonderland scene to life.
Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas Today, 9:02 PM / WAM-W 389 When Dr. Claw makes plans to visit the North Pole in order to overthrow Santa Claus and take over his elves and workshop, Inspector Gadget and his support crew get ready to embark on a mission to stop Dr. Claw and save Christmas.
Last Christmas Today, 9:15 PM / HBOWAL 208 A young woman who appears to have an endless amount of bad luck decides to accept a job working as an elf in a year-round Christmas store, but after a man enters her life and her life starts to change, she wonders if it's all too good to be true.
A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Today, 9:40 PM / HBOC-E 205 After accidentally burning down Harold's father-in-law's prize Christmas tree, Harold and Kumar embark on a quest to find the perfect replacement in New York City, but along the way, they run into all types of trouble blocking their path
Two and a Half Men - Walnuts and Demerol Today, 9:55 PM / TVLAND 49 Charlie believes his plans to get laid on Christmas Eve are solidified, as he has invited easy-girl Gloria over to the house; however his friends and family play spoilers by loitering at the beach house, hijacking his devious holiday attempt.
Christmas Cookie Challenge - Modern Classics Today, 10:00 PM / FOODTV 56 Five cookie makers design two different cookies in the decorating challenge, one showing Santa's new outfit and another featuring his new ride, then they must craft cookie picture frames for their cherished family photos in the display challenge.
Christmas by Starlight Today, 10:00 PM / HALMRK 68 A woman is saddened to learn that her familys beloved eatery is slated for demolition, and she is determined to stop it from happening before Christmas.
USS Christmas Today, 10:00 PM / HALLMV 84 A reporter for a Norfolk newspaper embarks on a U.S. Navy Tiger Cruise during Christmastime, where she meets a handsome naval officer and stumbles upon a mystery in the ship's archive room.
No Time Like Christmas Today, 10:06 PM / LIF-E 38 After being tricked into staying at a bed and breakfast in Vermont, a young woman is surprised to encounter her old college boyfriend and his daughter, as she struggles to come to terms with her feelings for her old flame.
Two and a Half Men - Warning, It's Dirty Today, 10:30 PM / TVLAND 49 With his girlfriend out of town for the holidays, Jake is encouraged by Charlie against Alan's wishes to hook up with an attractive girl he met on the beach; Evelyn is accompanied by a television producer to Charlie's Christmas party.
Christmas Cookie Challenge - Spice Up Your Christmas Today, 11:00 PM / FOODTV 56 Four cookie makers imagine wintry Christmas window views and then put what they see on a cookie in the decorating challenge; in the display round, the remaining cookie masters represent their favorite Christmas Eve tradition in 3D cookie form.
Little House on the Prairie - Blizzard Today, 11:00 PM / HALLDRMHD 1124 Miss Beadle delights her class by closing early for Christmas break because she wants them to get home before the coming snowstorm hits, but many children are caught in the blizzard and the townsmen search for them while the doctor treats frostbite.
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2020.11.28 06:50 mightbeagliscor About Jenny

Why do people think she's getting help from producers? She's a talk show host, she HAS to know all these things about people in Hollywood, so of course she's going to get more right guesses than the others. And of she's getting help from the producers, why aren't Robin or Nicole getting help, too? And why is she still getting a lot of them wrong?
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2020.11.28 06:39 CountyKildare [2020 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating] - NHK Trophy Men Free Skate Discussion Thread

Discuss the Men Free Skate here.
Detailed colour schedule
NB: At Skate America there were multiple problems with the YouTube streams/Peacock App displaying the wrong start times for events. DOUBLE CHECK against the official colour schedule and adjust for your own timezone to avoid missing events!
Saturday, November 28, 2020
19:35 Men Free Skate (Osaka Time, GMT+9)
Time and Date Converter
Music Selection
Planned Program Content
Starting Order and Results
ISU Youtube Stream
QQ Robin Hood was live for Rostelecom Cup and may stream NHK. Non-geoblocked, will require enabling flash.
American viewers will need to subscribe to NBC's Peacock streaming service. Or else install a VPN to access the Youtube streams. The Opera internet browser has a built-in VPN service.
2020 NHK Trophy Discussion Thread Masterpost
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2020.11.28 06:34 CountyKildare [2020 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating] - NHK Trophy Ice Dance Free Dance Discussion Thread

Discuss the Ice Dance Free Dance here.
Detailed colour schedule
NB: At Skate America there were multiple problems with the YouTube streams/Peacock App displaying the wrong start times for events. DOUBLE CHECK against the official colour schedule and adjust for your own timezone to avoid missing events!
Saturday, November 28, 2020
17:45 Ice Dance Free Dance Program (Osaka Time, GMT+9)
Time and Date Converter
Music Selection
Planned Program Content
Starting Order and Results
ISU Youtube Stream
QQ Robin Hood was live for Rostelecom Cup and may stream NHK. Non-geoblocked, will require enabling flash.
American viewers will need to subscribe to NBC's Peacock streaming service. Or else install a VPN to access the Youtube streams. The Opera internet browser has a built-in VPN service.
2020 NHK Trophy Discussion Thread Masterpost
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2020.11.28 06:32 CountyKildare [2020 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating] - NHK Trophy Ladies Free Skate Discussion Thread

Discuss the Ladies Free Skate here.
Detailed colour schedule
NB: At Skate America there were multiple problems with the YouTube streams/Peacock App displaying the wrong start times for events. DOUBLE CHECK against the official colour schedule and adjust for your own timezone to avoid missing events!
Saturday, November 28, 2020
15:25 Ladies Free Skate (Osaka Time, GMT+9)
Time and Date Converter
Music Selection
Planned Program Content
Starting Order and Results
ISU Youtube Stream
QQ Robin Hood was live for Rostelecom Cup and may stream NHK. Non-geoblocked, will require enabling flash.
American viewers will need to subscribe to NBC's Peacock streaming service. Or else install a VPN to access the Youtube streams. The Opera internet browser has a built-in VPN service.
2020 NHK Trophy Discussion Thread Masterpost
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2020.11.28 06:20 GermanShoe R2G Cup ft. Kameme, Paseriman, Kept, Jagaimo, Etsuji, and more!


There's a small round-robin invitational currently being streamed on the R2G channel featuring all the R2G sponsored Ultimate players* plus Kept and Jagaimo. This will be an interesting preview for what we can expect from these players at Kagaribi, which will likely be the last big smash tournament of the year.


R2G Kameme WarioSheikMegamanPokemon Trainer
R2G Paseriman Fox
Rush Kept Villager
Jagaimo Palutena
R2G Etsuji Pikachu *It seems Etsuji is absent today due to poor condition
R2G Gackt Ness
R2G Manzoku Toon LinkLink


Youtube Stream Link
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2020.11.28 05:58 DGenerationMC Reimagining Batfleck in the DCEU Pt. I - The Alternate Route So Far

It's become apparent over recent years that Ben Affleck's Batman hasn't worked out perfectly. And while the character is a huge part in the DCEU, it can also be argued that the overreliance of him played a part in the universe's and his own personal disarray. What I'm proposing in this fix is a way Batfleck could have still been in the DCEU, play a big part in it but not drag it down or allowed the part to drag it's actor down either. My version of Batfleck will be a special attraction of sorts to take relieve pressure and at least try to ensure more future appearances than it looks like we'll be getting at the moment.
Man of Steel II - 2016
(The Fantabulous Emancipation of One) Harley Quinn - 2016
Wonder Woman - 2017
Justice League - 2017
In closing, this different road taken prevents any Batman fatigue following Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy as well as treating the character as a special attraction to allow others to shine. Adding to The Batman's legacy, my take on his entry into the DCEU still paints him as a 20-year veteran crime fighter but trims the fat and maintains the mystique. The death of Robin hangs over him but is more prevalent in his cynicism and brutality while keeping Bruce's journey back to the light more focused. In Part II, I'll venture further into my DCEU closer to present day where the pressure on Batfleck increases some but hopefully prevents overuse while zeroing on where his arc ends. Stay tuned and give me feedback!
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2020.11.28 05:51 x_lemon15_x Is $PLTR Actually Expected to Reach $40...

Hello fellow Redditors,
I have been trading with RobinHood for about a year now, and have seen some pretty great results. I have made about $1800 in profit over the last year, which is not bad considering I started with only $120. That being said, I have always invested in stocks that I researched on my own; I never really followed any of the "hype" on Reddit when buying stocks. Anyway, lately I've been seeing numerous posts concerning $PLTR and how people are hoping they reach $40 by this Monday. I did some research on the company and to be frank, I have no idea if I should invest in it or not. I mean, if the stock hits $40+, that would be great but how likely is that (I am genuinely wondering if it is expected to hit $40)? Should I follow the hype and invest the $1920 in my account in $PLTR? Thanks in advance for any feedback!
- Jason, A College Student in Canada
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2020.11.28 05:19 NintyAyansa Chertia [SMP] {Whitelist} {Story} {Events} {RP} {16+}

Welcome to Chertia! Chertia is a roleplay survival server set in a land of gods, magic and monsters known as the Kingdom of Chertia. This server is heavily inspired by Mianite, but has evolved over time. We've created our own identity with completely new characters and an ongoing story that everyone is able to contribute to in some way or another.
Throughout your adventures on Chertia, you will encounter and interact with gods. Regular (usually 2-3 times weekly) events ranging from fun games to perilous adventures will keep you engaged with the server in a unique way. We have a bunch of really cool custom-coded features, including procedurally-generated dungeons.
The server is on normal difficulty and is hosted in Montréal, Québec. It runs on PaperMC.
Subreddit: theworldofchertia
Season 2 began on Friday, July 24.
The Story
You are thrown into the mysterious world of Ahiro, in the Kingdom of Chertia. More specifically, the province of Hyacinth, which spans the entire server map, corner to corner. The kingdom is inhabited by sibling gods who interact with you and help or hinder your ability to survive in this strange world. What brought you here? What is the purpose of your adventure?
At the moment, all roleplay and event interactions are taking place in 'Akalia,' the lost city, as a part of the main story.
The current gods are:
There are some other characters that you may come across as well. For example:
Additionally, each player has their own player character. If you want to start making your own player character, click here to view the guidelines and template. The full list of player & story characters is here.
Server Events
While the schedule shifts from week to week, the following is the norm at the moment:
Server Rules
Please keep these in mind as you begin your adventure.
  1. You may not grief or steal from other players.
  2. You may not use a hacked client, x-ray resource pack (or similar), or any other modification which provides you with an advantage over others.
  3. You may not exploit server bugs or glitches to provide you with an advantage.
  4. Be respectful of others. Harassment, bullying, racism, homophobia, or any similar behaviour will not be tolerated.
  5. You may not use macros or external programs to help you with automatic farming. Your farms must be respectful of server resources and mechanics. Raid farms, piglin farms, iron farms, and certain other farms are not allowed. Consult a staff member for specifics; if you don’t do this, we have the ability to remove the farm if it is not allowed.
  6. You may not engage in non-consensual PVP. Exceptions apply in certain circumstances, such as single punches and attempts to stop harassment/annoying behaviours.
  7. You must maintain appropriate behaviour at all times on the server, especially during events.
  8. All canon roleplay is conducted on the server. Roleplay outside one of the community’s official channels cannot be considered canon.
  9. The answer to the last question of the whitelist application is 'sweater vests'.
For a full list of rules and expected punishments, click here.
Joining the Server
To request placement on the whitelist, please join the Discord server here. We ask that applicants are at least 16 years of age.
Our Discord server is a friendly, welcoming place with its own set of rules linked in the document above. We have several different on-topic and off-topic channels, including a 'best-of' starboard channel (which is full of gems -- lots of them).
Datapacks & Custom Content
There are a few datapacks on the server to improve the overall experience. They are:
There are also some additional alterations to the server, such as...
Finally, there are some minor tweaks to mob spawning and other aspects of the server which tie into the story and concept. The server is vanilla survival at its core.
Player Quotes
On Chertia, we strive to maintain a positive, friendly environment. Read what some of our players have said about this.
Hope to see you there!
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2020.11.28 05:15 cleetus12 Watching my wife play Valhalla has made me realize that the game I really want is Assassin's Creed: Robin Hood

The Robin Hood legend gives him the origin story of a man who goes off to the Crusades and returns home to have found his land and property taken by Prince John. He then goes on a vengeful mission to retake what is rightfully his.
The theme of a mostly lone agent systematically dismantling an evil organization already lends itself to the AC series, but there could be an element along the lines of Metal Gear Solid 5 or Watch Dogs Legion where you go about recruiting people to your band of merry men. And there is so much cool shit you could do, like entering archery tournaments and infiltrating castles in disguise. I feel like this is such an obvious application that I'm honestly surprised it hasn't been done already.
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2020.11.28 04:57 v162 Is it wrong to get into a relationship with someone when you have feelings for someone else?

Okay the very clear answer here is Yes, but let me walk you through my thought process.
I've spent a long time being in love with someone. Im very in tune with my emotions and I consider myself to be a very logistical person. In all of this time that I have loved them, I've done a lot of self reflecting, learning, and growing. I know that person does not love me back, and I've learned to accept it. They have no obligation to love me the way I love them. We are very close friends - they care about me, they love me, but not in the way I do. And thats okay. If you're familiar with the show How I Met Your Mother, this person is my Robin, essentially the same exact situation and relationship. We even have the "if we're alone at 40 we'll marry eachother" pact. I truly believe that this person is my 'twin flame.' Yaknow, minus the major aspect of them not loving me back. I don't think I'll ever stop loving them.
So, here is my dilemma. Recently I've met someone. They're awesome. They make me happy. Is it wrong to get into a relationship knowing I have such deep feelings for someone else? I know 'Robin' may never feel the same way about me, and I accept that. Am I to be alone forever because im waiting for someone who won't be there? I'd never cheat on someone with them, and I'd never intentionally hurt someone for them. Im a very love-oriented person, so I will still give the person I met the world and try to make them as happy as possible. Im capable of loving someone else, maybe just not like I love 'Robin.' Futhermore, aren't a lot of people in this situation? I feel like a lot of people have met someone they loved more than anyone, and it just didn't work out. You must move on. But I can't stop thinking its wrong for me to get into a relationship knowing ill always have deep feelings for someone else.
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2020.11.28 04:45 Cpkudrons-doodles Reviewing Every 1979 Nickelodeon Show

Recently, I watched every Nickelodeon show that aired in 1979, it's first year on the air, and these are my thoughts on each.
Pinwheel- It's a pretty fun preschool show. It started off from 1977-1979 on a cable package called QUBE, like most shows this year. On QUBE, it was mostly just really short basic songs. When it started airing on Nick, it was much more actual sketches in the Pinwheel house, and old shorts that were either in the public domain, or had really cheap airing rights. The Nick version also had a much higher budget. A sad thing about all of the shows that aired this year is that all of them are partially, or even fully, lost. Pinwheel aired about 260 new episodes from 1977-1984, then aired in re-runs until 1988 where it aired on re-runs on Nick Jr. until finally they stopped airing it in 1990. Only about 10 full episodes survived and many random clips and commercials. Unlike the more fun and comedic energy of Sesame Street, this show was much more calming and relaxed. This gave the show quite a bit of charm, but also made some episodes a chore to sit through, especially since it was a full hour per episode. The intro slaps hard. I suggest watching at least one episode of this show. It's really charming, and important for being the first ever nickelodeon show. It was also the show to have the Clockman short, or possibly By the Way had it.
Video Comics- For whatever reason I always call this one Action Comics lol. They literally just scanned DC comics from around the 1950s through the 1980s and had like 3 or 4 people read it. That's the whole show. It started airing as a segment on a QUBE show called Columbus Alive! then got thrown on Nickelodeon until 1981. Out of the whole show which technically ran from 1977-1981, only about 1 and a half episodes still exist. They didn't even get any of the A-Lister DC characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, probably because they were all in shows that were still fairly popular when Video Comics was airing. I think the closest they got to a popular hero is Green Lantern. Out of all of the lost nick shows, I'm least upset by this one. I really don't suggest people watch this one. It's not very good.
By The Way- By The Way aired on Nick from 1979-1980. This show wasn't from QUBE, but the person who played the main character Josie was one of the main QUBE actors. Only about 10 minutes from one episode of the show exists. It was lost for so many years with that footage only being found about a year ago, so at least we have something from this. It's about a lady called Josie wandering around a cartoon background, which in the episode that exists is the forest, telling really groan worthy jokes such as "I wonder if the guy who invented binoculars had to sit in the back row of a rock concert." Fun fact, the guy who drew the backgrounds later went on to create Doug. In between the scenes with Josie were random shorts which were pretty much just shorts that didn't make it onto Pinwheel. From the 10 minutes we have, it seems just okay. It is the definition of a filler show.
Nickel Flicks- Nickel Flicks was a show that aired in 1979, and was the only Nick show to not make it out of 1979. Nowadays the show is entirely lost, so I couldn't really watch it. The basic premise was John Moschitta Jr., yes the Micro Machines man, would host film serials from the 1930s and 1940s. The QUBE connection was that Moschitta had done quite a few shows on QUBE, so Nick gave him his own show. Because the show is completely lost and ended so quickly, we don't know which serials aired on it. It was supposed to air for sure The Galloping Ghost from 1931, The Whispering Shadow and The Mystery Squadron from 1933, and Junior G-Men in 1940. But who knows if they even made it through those serials.
America Goes Bananaz- Out of all of the Nick shows from this year, this was by far the closest to modern Nickelodeon, as it was the only show to not recycle older material. The show started on QUBE as the show Columbus Goes Bananaz. It aired from 1977-1980. No episodes of the Nickelodeon version exists, but 2 episodes of the QUBE version still exist. There are tons of clips of both. The show started with interviews from guests who were usually somewhat popular celebrities at the time. The second part usually focused on the kids in the audience (teenagers) showing off their talents. The final part was much more mature and usually focused on troubles the kids were going through, which occasionally discussed their parents drug addictions on live television. Bananaz is much closer to modern Nick as I said earlier. It must have been jarring for the people watching to go from a fun preschool show, to teenagers discussing their dad's pot addiction. I really do suggest this show. It's probably the best from this year. It's not my personal favorite though as especially in the opening segment, I don't care much about hearing interviews from the most popular celebrities of 1979. That is every Nick show that aired on the first day, April 1st 1979. But there were still 2 more shows that aired later in the year.
Children's Classics- I don't have much to say on this one. Unlike every other show in this year, there are no QUBE connections. There might not have even been a narrator. The show aired from 1979-1980 only for a few months, and is completely lost. We know basically nothing about this show besides what it aired, being 1970s bbc fairy tale dramas. The most entertaining things out there for young children to watch after Pinwheel. We know it aired BBC serials about The Prince and the Pauper, Robin Hood, Heidi, and David Copperfield. I didn't bother watching any of these serials as I heard they were very boring with almost nothing going on.
Hocus Focus-The final 1979 Nick show. The show starred a puppeteer named Brad Williams who had previously puppets for Pinwheel and possibly other shows on QUBE. Watch poparena's first video on Hocus Focus to learn more about Brad himself, he has a really interesting story. It aired from 1979-1981. For a while, only a commercial existed for the show. Recently, a full episode and the last 10 minutes of an episode were found and thrown on youtube. The show is about a wizard named Kryspen Questor who lived in medieval times and was sent to the present time of when it aired to learn about it. He for some reason has a massive collection of short film reels (as any medieval wizard would). In the only full episode, a filmmaker who is played by the guy who made doug (he apparently did a lot for Nick in 1979) The filmmaker pretty much just annoys and exploits Kryspen while random shorts play inbetween. Kryspen scares him away, and the episode ends. Unlike the shorts on Pinwheel and By the Way which were only about 2 minutes long, these shorts go anywhere from 5-15 minutes. The last one in the episode is a drug trip basically which shows the development of a baby, the evolution of man, the history of weapons, weird cosmic snakes, and much more in only 6 minutes. Besides the trippy final short, the other three are really boring and dull in my opinion. There is one which is 13 minutes of real life plants talking to eachother, (so basically 13 minutes of plants with audio over it) an adaptation of the Giving Tree which is alright, and a short about the ethics of whether or not to kill insects to research them (which actually doesn't give a real answer on what is ethical), and then the drug trip. The live action segments are my favorite parts of 1979 Nick because Brad Williams is awesome, but the shorts aren't great.
Now, all 7 shows worst to best
  1. Children's Classics (probably)
  2. Nickel Flicks (probably)
  3. Video Comics
  4. By the Way
  5. America Goes Bananaz
  6. Hocus Focus
  7. Pinwheel
I just spent like an hour writing about old nick shows that nobody remembers. What am I doing with my life lol. Thank you if you read the entirety of my ramblings :) I'd be down with chatting about old nick if anybody wants to.
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2020.11.28 04:43 axlgram Can I add a house to my game to make it multiplayer?

Or would I have needed to select co-op right off the rip? My current game is solo but my bf wanted to join bc of how far along my farm has come and tbh I wouldn’t mind the extra help with watering lol
I know you can add houses when you talk to Robin, but I’m not sure if that would make it a multiplayer game.
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2020.11.28 04:38 teamsoupballs (Gay question alert) what’s your favorite Disney movie

so obviously it’s hugely embarrassing to be hardcore into Disney movies, but it’s not crazy to say that one of the biggest 20th century studios made some good stuff. People here have good taste so curious to see people’s answers
my list: - Robin Hood (maybe most left-wing kids movie of all time) - sword in the stone (the Merlin/Arthur relationship is endearing) - jungle book (just a fun movie, shows what animation can do) - emperors new groove (imho the funniest kids movie. good meta humor without being smug and retarded a la Deadpool) - beauty and the beast (gay reason but these songs honestly slap)
there are other good ones but I think these are the 5 I would actually look forward to watching the most as an adult
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2020.11.28 04:16 Nuthetes Declaration of War is the best chapter yet

Just finished reading it --- wow. What an amazing chapter. There have been so many good chapters, but this one straigth away stuck out for me as the best one yet.
Robin's backstory being an outcast and having people betray her and kick her out was sad.
Then, the ending with Sogeking destroying the Marines flag and Robin changing her mind.
That was just awesome. In fact, I'd say the Declaration of War whole volume must be my favorite one yet---fantastic storytelling.
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2020.11.28 04:10 v1nzint Insomniac next spiderman game peter parker is going to die

Ok let's look at a few facts of the spider verse... Marvel although presenting different versions of spider people they'd never "we are robin" the series for anything other than a short team up... Plus marvel has been testing out the next generation of spiderman for a while. The death of a mentor has already been a critical part of the miles story miles has proven to be stronger than peter parker. Even admitted by the game dialogue Peter Parker character is increasingly more focused on moving on even discussing buying am house and more family oriented things when he calls miles
It would be iconic to see the main character of a super hero franchise died. Look it made RDJ and Jackman legends.
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2020.11.28 04:07 lizbethx91 Rewatching the finale season for the first time since it aired and now i’m emotionally compromised..

So when it aired, I had been tuning in weekly so the anticipation did affect how I felt about the ending.. However, now that I am watching it I’m emotionally compromised. This show made me love each character for different reasons and in the last season they made me love the mother. Seeing Ted and Tracy together made me so sad to find out she passed away.. then i did the math and she passed away 11 years after they met. They were soo good together. It was that kind of love where you could just tell they fit.. But the ending does make sense, especially considering Tracy’s first love Max and now that was her Robin.. but damn the feeeeels
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2020.11.28 03:32 dsrptblbtch Troubled Blood Opinion

Just finished and had been kind of hoping for a more scary climax. The Ricci family was built up to be so terrifying that I was hoping there would come a reckoning with them, even if they turned out not to be involved with Margot's disappearance.
That film was so horrifying. Plus all of Shanker's dire warnings. Robin's visit to the nursing home was very tense. But then she and Strike acted like she'd gotten away with it and it was no big deal. I kept waiting for there to be some kind of warning from the Ricci family, because perhaps Luca really wasn't fooled by Robin, or maybe Mucky wasn't as out of it as they assumed.
Anyone else weirdly disappointed by the lack of danger? Robin's gone through enough violence as it is, but I was just kind of hoping for a little bit more of a showdown or something. I did like the interview with Creed and the realization of where Margot's body was.
Sorry for any misspelled names. Listened to the audiobook.
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2020.11.28 03:03 kelti-o (Offer) My List (Requests) Ad Astra and your offers/lists

(ALL Disney codes will port to MA)
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Bad Day (MA)
Avengers 2012 (GP)
Avengers Infinity War (GP)
Black Panther (GP)
Finding Dory (GP)
Frozen Sing a Long Edition (GP)
Incredibles 2 (GP)
Into the Woods (MA)
Iron Man 3 (GP)
The Lion King Animated (GP)
Mary Poppins Returns (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Mulan Animated version (GP)
Oz The Great and Powerful (iTunes)
Oz The Great and Powerful (GP)
Planes (GP)

2 Fast 2 Furious (MA)
American Reunion Unrated (MA)
Despicable Me 2 (MA)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days (MA)
ET The Extra Terrestrial (MA)
The Fast and Furious 2001 (MA)
Fast and Furious 2009 (MA)
Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift (MA)
Fast Five Extended Edition (SD) (MA)
Fifty Shades of Grey unrated (MA)
Flight (Vudu)
Get Smart (MA)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (MA)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (MA)
Inception (MA)
Jack Reacher (Vudu)
Jason Bourne (MA)
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (SD) (MA)
Kick-Ass 2 (MA)
Life of Pi (MA)
Minions (MA)
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (vudu)
Noah (vudu)
Oblivion (MA)
Ouija 2014 (MA)
Paranormal Activity 2 unrated (SD?) (Vudu)
Paranormal Activity 3 extended (SD?) (Vudu)
Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones (Vudu)
Pitch Perfect 1 (MA)
Pitch Perfect 2 (MA)
Rio 2 (MA)
Sherlock Holmes 2009 (MA)
Snow White and the Huntsman (MA)
Star Trek Into Darkness (Vudu)
Ted unrated (MA)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 (vudu)
Terminator 4: Salvation (MA)
The Adventures of Tin Tin (SD?) (Vudu)
The Bourne Legacy (MA)
The Girl On The Train (MA)
The Heat 2013 (MA)
The Other Woman (MA)
The Purge 2013 (MA)
The Wolf of Wall Street (Vudu)
Transformers Age of Extinction (Vudu)
Transformers Dark of The Moon (SD?) (Vudu)
Unbroken (MA)

Game of Thrones Season 2 (GP redeem)
Game of Thrones Season 5 FULLCODE

2 Fast 2 Furious (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
10 Cloverfield Lane (redeems 4K)
Alvin and the Chipmunks The Road Chip (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
American Reunion (ports to MA)
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
Despicable Me 2 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
ET The Extra Terrestrial (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Fast and the Furious 2001 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Fast and Furious 2009 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Fifty Shades of Grey (ports to MA)
Independence Day Resurgence (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Jack Reacher (redeems 4K)
Jason Bourne (ports to MA) (redeems 4k)
Kick Ass 2 (ports to MA)
Minions (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (redeems 4K)
Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Monty Pythons The Meaning of Life (ports to MA)
Non-Stop (ports to MA)
Oblivion (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Ouija (ports to MA)
Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones
Pitch Perfect 1 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Sisters unrated (ports to MA)
Snow White and the Huntsman (ports to MA)
Star Trek Into Darkness (redeems 4K)
Ted (ports to MA)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 (redeems 4K)
The Boss Baby (ports to MA)
The Bourne Legacy (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Fault In Our Stars (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Girl On The Train (ports to MA) (redeems 4k)
The Martian (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Peanuts Movie (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Purge 2013 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Sound of Music 1965 (ports to MA)
This is 40 (ports to MA)
Trainwreck (ports to MA)
Transformers Age of Extinction (redeems 4K)
Unbroken (ports to MA)
X-Men Days of Future Past (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Your Highness (ports to MA)

Alvin and the Chipmunks (ports to MA)
Black Swan (ports to MA)
Captain America The First Avenger
Clash of the Titans (ports to MA) Traded
Crazy Stupid Love (ports to MA)
Despicable Me (ports to MA)
Glee The Concert (ports to MA)
Hall Pass (ports to MA)
Horrible Bosses (ports to MA)
Life As We Know It (ports to MA)
Marley and Me (ports to MA)
Paranormal Activity 2
Paranormal Activity 3
Robin Hood (russel Crowe) (ports to MA)
Slumdog Millionaire (ports to MA)
The A-Team (ports to MA)
The Croods (ports to MA)
The Help (ports to MA)
The Sitter (ports to MA)
The Town (ports to MA)
X-Men 1 (ports to MA)
X-Men 2 United (ports to MA)
X-Men 3 The Last Stand (ports to MA)
X-Men Origins Wolverine (ports to MA)

CANADA HD Google Play Codes (Need CA GP account to redeem or know the workaround)
22 Jump Street (ports to MA)
Argo (ports to MA)
A Star is Born
Better Call Saul Season 1
Cloud Atlas (ports to MA)
Gravity (ports to MA)
Cowgirls n' Angels 2: Dakotas Summer
Lion King 2019 (ports to MA)
Magic Mike XXL (ports to MA)
One Direction This is Us Theatrical and Extended (ports to MA)
Outlander Season 1 Volume 1
Outlander Season 2 Volume 2
Red Sparrow
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2020.11.28 03:00 lostinacurrent As Season 3 is on the horizon, a sincere note from the moderator.

Just a warning that this is a super long post. I like to be thorough and effectively communicate my thoughts to the fullest possible extent, so yeah. Sorry if you don’t like reading too many words.
I will probably regret posting this soon after since it’s so long and elaborates on something some people truly might not care about, so I’ll see how long I keep this up before deleting it on a whim.
TL;DR: Really excited for Season 3, I hope to make this sub better for everyone here and become more involved in its discussions, and my review of Season 2 is “pretty good with the exception of the whole hypothetical wedding situation”. That’s pretty much all I say in 900+ words.
Also if you happen to watch MacGyver (no criticism about that show please) and are a part of its sub, you’ll probably see a post similar to this one. It’s basically the same things but slightly different topics are brought to the members’ awareness. But just because I mostly copied and pasted the text doesn’t mean I’m just saying this or just stating some changes and it’s all mechanical for me; I really want to make more changes across these subs for the better, if you get what I’m trying to say.
Well, the time has finally arrived. The third season is finally happening, and it has been too long indeed. Actually, I started writing this post on a Word document in mid-August, even before we knew when and if the new season would start filming. I’m just so excited!
I’m hoping to improve this sub with small details and major movements. Believe me, there have been many moments in the past couple months where I would stop what I’m doing just to have one thought pop up like, “Oh yeah, there’s that small thing I can change on Reddit,” or, “Would this make the sub look better or help others to fully enjoy it?” With those thoughts in mind, I have a few things to announce about changes to this sub and other events.
  • First of all, we have over 250 members in this community! Thank you all for that, whether you are from waaayy back when the show first aired or you are a newcomer who stumbled upon the show and decided to join our small group. I remember that when I first looked up the sub in January there were only 147 members. It has since grown by a pretty significant number since then! Looking back at the first season trailer and others’ first thoughts of the reboot on the original show’s sub, there were many negative comments about the reboot. As I have never personally experienced such a change (having a well-loved classic show get a reboot), there were no prior judgments against the show. I only found it through its crossover with Hawaii Five-0 in Season 2 of Magnum P.I. and have stuck with it ever since. Anyway, thank you again to all who decided that the show was worth watching or, if you never saw or even heard of the original (like me), found it somehow and added it to your list of currently-watched dramas.
  • Secondly, with my life and stuff going on, I may not be able to post the weekly episode discussions consistently. Thankfully though, the Reddit admins implemented a new system of scheduled posting (instead of having to rely solely on AutoModerator for such tasks), and I will probably use that most weeks. If, for some reason, I am unable to officially post the discussion on time (usually about an hour before the episode airs for me), it would be greatly appreciated if someone here stepped up and did so, following the format of previous discussions. I would later sticky the post as the official discussion when time permits.
  • Third of all, I would like to become more involved with this sub and its weekly discussions. Having said that, I have taken inspiration from another fellow Redditor. theghostwhorocks is a great mod on ChicagoPD, being quite involved in the sub by commenting their thoughts on each episode discussion. I hope to try and do this, so I shall, from now on, comment a deeper analysis along with some other personal thoughts on the episode. However, as I usually cannot watch live, I try to catch up the following day or within the next week, so my comment shall appear a while after the post is up. To be honest, most of my thoughts can be conglomerated into one basic idea: “AAHHH I love Magnum P.I.!! I can’t wait for the next episode and many more seasons!!!” Something like that. But this season I will attempt to make more sense of my thoughts and actually write something legitimately worthy of discussion (that’s the whole point of an episode discussion, right?)
  • Fourthly, to add to the previous point, I will now write down my thoughts on Season 2, since I did not do so on the season discussion (which I will be continuing at the end of each season). I really do enjoy reading others’ thoughts on episodes and seasons; getting their perspective is an eye-opener for me. As another precaution, my thoughts will be very extensive.
The main thing I enjoyed was the Hawaii Five-0 crossover (I mean, that’s what got me here in the first place!). Seeing the comparison between Magnum and McGarrett was hilarious and eye-opening. I’m really looking forward to seeing the occasional appearance from a Five-0 character in the upcoming episodes. The wedding thing was just… Not UGH, but super close. I had a feeling that it wouldn’t get too far without some deux ex machina saving them from the awkward predicament. When I first found Magnum and did some research, I was honestly quite surprised and relieved that here, finally, was a good drama (enjoyable for me) without some weird love-ex-fling-but-still-with-feelings-mess going on! Of course, it being just me, I don’t usually like relationships within a team. Again, that’s just me, so I hold nothing against those who feel otherwise. Well, there is one couple on another show that I’m okay with because they’re legitimately quite cute and it hasn’t gone too far yet. Yet. That all aside, of course Robin Masters had some great plan to arrange stuff so Higgins could stay without getting in too much trouble. I hope that there won’t be too much going on that could disrupt Magnum’s partnership with Higgins. I like it the way they are now (or as they were end of Season 2. I think?).
I guess I don’t remember anything else that significant to comment on for Season 2. As always, there are some really good episodes, and there are seriously cringy ones, but I always stick with the show anyway and watch the whole thing anyway and cringe internally until I get some reasonably relaxing scenes. As relaxing as it can get with a PI paired with a former M16 agent.
That’s pretty much all the effort I’m going to put into deeply thinking out my thoughts about every single detail, so that’s it for now. If you took the time to read all of this, I hope it was worth your time and that you enjoyed it. See you soon in Season 3! Whoo!
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2020.11.28 02:42 Inside_Chemical_8502 Trading 4 t-rexes and 2 pigs, also if you have offer for kangaroo.

What the title says, also will add 2 fossil eggs, NFR robin, and others for frost
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2020.11.28 02:32 Imdatguy416 The will of D (Chapter 996 spoilers)

I seen a theory a couple years ago that said that the D means Dawn, as the ones who'll bring a new dawn to the world, and now after chapter 996 I'm almost certain of it, and here is why i think so
First Chapter was named Romance Dawn while the chapter doesn't even mention dawn (biggest foreshadowing ever?)
The minks kept on talking about the one who'll bring a new dawn
Momo's mother said in her prophecy that someone will bring a new dawn
Now in chapter 996 on page 10, Yamato claimed that Momo was supposed to guide the world its dawn, but the reason I find this interesting is because dawn is written in bolded font, and then on the very next page, Law. is trying to figure out what D means while having flashbacks of Cora-san and robin, and when robin says D its bolded just like when Yamato said it, I think this is Oda's way of foreshadowing what it means

submitted by Imdatguy416 to OnePiece [link] [comments]