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Scottish guys! I (f21, American) am moving to Scotland for grad school next year and want to find a bf there eventually. Any advice about how to meet a guy?

2020.11.15 05:13 bakedmacaronislut Scottish guys! I (f21, American) am moving to Scotland for grad school next year and want to find a bf there eventually. Any advice about how to meet a guy?

Hey thanks for reading! I read an article (below) about how Scottish guys will freak out if a girl asks them out. Is it because of shyness or commitment? Is it even true? Anything helps! Thank you ;)
Scottish People Don’t Date
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2020.05.16 13:18 Pasdepromesses Dating in the country that invented 'Going Dutch'

Hi there!
As a recovering Pickmeisha, I really work hard on levelling up and being in the right mindset. This doesn't mean that I'm not afraid to fall of the bandwagon sometimes. That's why I came here to ask you some advice.
Although I'm taking a break from dating atm to work on myself. Something has been bothering me, especially after reading the handbook. I live in the country that actually invented 'Going Dutch' (splitting the bill).
Expats and foreigners the like, are taken aback by our dating and relationship culture that is truthfully described like this online and in articles:
*" The value of gender equality seeps into many interactions in Dutch dating, which means that customs such as splitting the bill is not uncommon. Some might see this as unromantic, but Dutch relationships pride themselves on equality between partners. Plus, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering you are in the country that gave name to the phrase ‘going Dutch’ (splitting a bill). An alternative might be for one person to pay for, say, drinks and the other for movie tickets.Other acts of chivalry, such as opening doors for women or carrying their heavy bags, should not be expected either. In Dutch culture, such actions aren’t seen as an affront to ladies but rather as a sign that Dutch men see them as equals. Similarly, a woman should be prepared that a date with a Dutch man is not always going to be free ride; nor will free drinks in bars be that forthcoming from local men."*Source: https://www.expatica.com/nl/living/love/dating-in-the-netherlands-101955/
Because I grew up in a very traditional household, with strict gender roles and a mom from a different culture, I actually did only date guys who would pay for me. Most of them turned out to be controlling and narcissistic. Or they deemed me too independent and feminist for their taste.
At this point I'm not really sure if the chivalrous Dutch guy that's not toxic does exist (and I just didn't meet them because of my 'you should aspire to be a bangmaid' upbringing and me having a really bad selection procedure) or that I should compromise a bit in this area because Dutch society really is that different even the HVM ?
Even though most guy's would like to go Dutch in other countries, it's not the norm. It is here. If I go on dates here, and expect to pay the guy for the first 2 dates, I'm already 'high maintenance'. So now I don't really know where to go from there. My question is, how to navigate such an environment?
Edit: typo.
Edit2: Fun Fact, Dutch are so used to splitting the bill, there's an actual app for it called 'Tikkie'. You can send a request to your date and they can realtime pay for their share through online banking.
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2019.06.07 20:45 RedditAccount9345672 Does anyone else constantly here so called moderate Democrats insist that Germany's healthcare system is like Obamacare? Here's a hint, it's most certainly not.

"The German healthcare system dates to the 1880s, making it the oldest in Europe, while today its doctors, specialists and facilities make it of one the very best healthcare systems in the world. Today it operates under a dual public-private system.
The healthcare system in Germany is funded by statutory contributions ensuring free healthcare for all. You can also take out private health insurance (Private Krankenversicherung or PKV) to replace or top up GKV cover. There are strict conditions, however, about who must register for mandatory state health insurance, and who can opt out in favour of private health insurance."
This is nothing like Obamacare, which forced people to buy insurance from huge, greedy, poorly regulated companies with excessive market power.
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2017.07.26 16:18 Googs84 BTC-E Tinfoil Hats Needed

So, reading through the articles and putting things together.
"Its founders Aleksey and Alexander, while residents of Russia, are not citizens." Coindesk Article from Feb 4th
The article of the Russian arrested on money laundering with Bitcoin same first name of Alexander.
Old Reddit post saying bank accounts are in Greece
Put together, Alexander a Russian arrested on money laundering with Bitcoins in Greece.
Like I said tin foil hats needed.... Just some reading and sharing I did. No clue if this is him.
Update :
Here is another article just out
"The 38-year-old is characterized by the US authorities as one of the leading members of an organization that was running large amounts of money through an online bitcoin digital exchange platform to help them "launder" more than $ 4 billion from 2011 to date! This is the BTC-e platform , which after the 38-year-old is arrested as the US prosecution investigation is in full swing."
"As stated in the documents sent by the US Department of Justice, BTC-e is "one of the largest entities in the field of electronic money laundering and money laundering in the world".
Another Update
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2016.01.28 14:50 tabledresser [Table] I live in a third world country at the verge of collapse, AMA

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Questions Answers
What do you think of Socialism? Any tips to Bernie Sanders supporters in the US? I could write for days about all the negatives of socialism, I could write an essay about why it doesnt work or another one about what socalism took away from my life and all the other people who stayed on this and the other contries that fell on that trap.
It doesn't work, it's wrong, it's dangerous, very dangerous, especially in countries like this one where corruption is endemic.
Every industry that has been taken over by force by the goverment is not producing, they tried and controlled everything, the media doesnt show whats happening, there is censorship, opposition is in jail, all of this along the other things I mentioned in my post. This goverment is a bully, a mean bully who will steal your lunch money then declare that bullying legal and then will put you in jail if you dare to say something.
I often read the comments of the people that still support this goverment and most of them don't have a clue about how economy works, they are illiterate people. I hope some lesson can be learned from our country and that is that socialism doesn't work and that means people dying because you can't find some medicines, bad living conditions, no future, bad quality of life, seeing your loved ones starve or sick and not being able to help, asking in twitter for medicines to see if someone can find it and more.
Almost all my family left this country, almost all my friends left as well, sometimes I feel very lonely, I'm married and I could leave to Spain as my wife is spaniard but I chose to stay as I coudn't leave my mom alone and she is an old person who woudnt travel or anything.
I feel in some way socialism took away my future. I'm an electronic engineer, first of my promotion who had a good future ahead that was stolen by them.
Wow! I feel for you. I wish your message would be heard by all Socialist supporters here in the US. Ty for your kind words. Taxes weren't that bad when I had a small company of 3 employees -one of them my wife- years ago and as a natural person they are not bad either. Thankfully or maybe its ironic, they coudnt impose a total socialism here, there is still private bank and private companies -not many-. The main problem is what to do with those bolivares you earn by salary, as you can't exchange them for dollars except for black market, and black market is crazy expensive, its hard to spend them outside the country, and since you can't find much in this country, they are used mostly for food. On Venezuela, you earn 70 dollars a month if you are lucky, you save the same 10%, thats 7 dollras a month, by the end of the year you have like 84 dollars, you can't do anything with that. So saving money here is impossible, and if you save in bolivares, we have the biggest inflation rate worlwide so its even worse.
How are wages impacted in Venezuela? In the US an electronic engineer makes great money. Does your government tax the shit out of you to try and keep every citizen around the same wage? Wages are very low, an engineer can make about 70 dollars a month, the minimum by law is about 15 dollars a month. Families that live with 15 dollars a month have to live of subsidized products only, that means doing long lines everyday, some of them for 5 hours or more, to see if they can find subsidized food or medicines -see the video I posted about the fight when chicken arrives, that happens a lot-. I'm technically unemplyed at this moment I guess, as I make my money on neobux and those clicking sites, not much but helps a lot here and is almost an engineer wage. For example, en engineer can make 3000 dollars on any country pero month, or more, so let's say they save, 10%, so they can save 300 dolalrs a month, so that engineer will have more than 3000 in a year and have a nice vacation buy a car or something.
So do you earn your money in dollars, not bolivares? Yes I make about 70 dollars a month by doing monotonous jobs on internet, sell them on black market for bolivares and pay food and services here. My wife earns like 6000 bs here doing local freelancing jobs but thats less than 70 dollars.
What's going to happen, do you think? Food shortages traditionally lead to riots... I don't know whats going to happen, the govrement may be a minority but they have armed people as well beyond the army called -colectivos-, radical people trained by the govrement to illegaly intimidate and cause riots.
Do you see rising adoption of Bitcoin in Venezeula? You literally see people fighting for milk when it arrives in some places, you see old people badly hurt, a couple weeks ago you coudn't find eggs because the goverment fixed a ridiculous price for them with penalties for the people who sold them at a higher price, but the cost of producing them was more than the price the goverment fixed, the result?, no eggs as nobody wants to lose money.
What are the hardest consumer items to find? It depends, sometimes is milk, toilet paper, diapers, chicken, acetaminofen, etc. All of them and more have been the hardest item to find. This is the latest, jan 23, this is what happens when some people who have been there for hours were notified that chicken arrived for sale -and chicken is not one of the hardest items to find at this moment-
Whoa, interesting. Do you mind telling more about neobux, etc. Oh yeah!, those packages from the US are actually lifesavers and thats how I'm having a somewhat normal life, in my last package I put ketchup -I miss ketchup so much-, ketosticks -I'm diabetic-, splenda, and some groceries I coudn't find here anymore. I'm afraid of the day I'd have to order shampoo, toothpaste, etc from the US. So far you can find those but you arent allowed to buy more than one unit per person so those may be the next thing to go.
What type of engineering? If software, where is your expertise? Is it possible to do contract work for a US company? Those sites like neobux are not worth on the US I guess, its clicking advertising or doing weird monotonous jobs on internet for hours, each job may take 15 minutes and pay like 0.1 cents, but I can make about 70 dollars that way. Its better than working as an engineer here, but in the end I miss so much doing something more challenging.
Can you receive packages from the US? I'm an electronic engineer, my wife's a computer engineer and we have done or helped on international projects, I've done freelance works and it helps beyond words. I love to code though, used to work on artificial intelligence research long ago -good times-, I was even an assembly teacher at the university but the paid was too low, then I had a small software company with my wife but in the end sales of our software were too low due to inflation rate. Actually one of the ideas I have to improve my situation is by getting online jobs on those freelancer sites.
Have you considered immigrating to Canada? It's a country that is always in need of engineers. One of my cousing who is also an electronic engineer and my best friend from the university are there and they are having a great living. Spain is a more inmediate option for me but as corny as it sounds I don't or can't leave my mom's alone in this mess so I'm trying to hold as much as I can.
No way to get your mom out too? I've tried but she is not a very independent person, she always depended of my dad but he passed away 15 years ago, since then I've been caring for her and she even lives with me and my wife. I can't think of her in a plane as she get nervous in a car. She can't do long trips.
Does she think things are bad too, or no? She does, but she just cope with it or get used to it, she only really cares when she sees me unhappy or worried, which is often. This wasn't a sharp change so some people got used to it or they don't know that in other countries you can just go and buy and you find everything, it gets worse day by day but then the people just, go along, complain and go along, I can't get used to it.
For example since a year or so I think, you can only purchase in some stores some once a week and only one product by person, based on your last ID number. I find that horrifying, but she just waits the day she has to and is happy because its her turn and she can buy things.
What do you think first world countries don't understand about your situation? Or what misconceptions do first world countries probably have? Hmm thats hard to answer I think, it's hard to be aware of the whole world which is one of the reasons I did this AMA, I also wanted people to realize how fortunate they are for living in a democratic country or at least a country that is not at risk of default, I know I took it for granted 15 years ago when even when we had problems, it was nothing like this.
I've been to other countries in the past including the US and all of them were extremely nice and friendly, most of them were aware that something bad was happening here, at this moment the OEA and other international organisms have pronounced about our situation, but the goverment doesnt care and instead of a change, they charge against whoever says something bad against them.
What I find wrong, is people supporting socialism without living here or in any socialist country, sometimes you see people defending the venezuelan goverment or this system, but they dont live or never have been here, I think that's wrong.
What are your options to have a better future for yourself? Years ago I chose to stay, my wife was born in Spain and by law I could emigrate there legally, but my mom's a widow and she is the kind of person that doesnt go outside that much, etc so I stayed to help her out, I just coudnt leave her alone.
All my friends from the university, almost all my cousins except for a couple ones, went to Canada, Spain, Switzerland and other countries.
I live by some clicking websites that give me about 50-70 dollars a month, my wife does the same along with a freelance job that gives her like 40 dollars a month and with that we pay food and services but we can't save money and dunno about the future to be honest, sometimes I'm grim or angry or just sad or lonely because I see no solution, on december the democratic opposition won the parliament, but the govrement is not accepting their proposals.
If your wife is Spanish you can move to Spain and take your mother also. Check out EEA rules for dependants and family. Edit: Link to www.expatica.com. Ty, the problem is that my mom doesn't want to move, she doesnt go outside that much, I've seen her having nervous breakdowns on some trips, I think she coudn't handle a plane. Still I dont lose hope.
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2016.01.12 06:37 autotldr At least 231 abuse victims at German Catholic choir school - The choir was run by Pope Benedict's elder brother, Georg Ratzinger, from 1964 to 1994 when most of the claimed abuses took place.

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At least 231 children at a famous boys' choir school in Germany were victims of physical abuse, a lawyer tasked by the Catholic institution to probe allegations said Friday, giving a far higher figure than thought for the scandal, which dates back decades.
The Domspatzen, a 1,000-year-old choir in Regensburg, Bavaria, was dragged into the massive sexual abuse scandal plaguing the Catholic Church in 2010, when allegations of assaults that took place several decades ago went public.
Ratzinger has said that the alleged sexual abuse was "Never discussed" in the time that he ran the choir attached to the boarding school.
Lawyer Ulrich Weber, who had been commissioned by the diocese to look into the cases, said at a press conference Friday that his research, which included 70 interviews with victims, uncovered abuse that took place from 1945 to the early 1990s.
"The reported cases of sexual abuse in Regensburg were mostly concentrated in the period of the mid to end 1970s," he said, adding that "50 victims spoke of ten perpetrators".
Several German institutions have also been engulfed by the scandal, including an elite Jesuit school in Berlin which had admitted to systematic sexual abuse of pupils by two priests in the 1970s and 1980s.
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